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Who are we ?

We are Forex traders like you and we are experienced in coaching as well as developing quality traders. We are offering our coaching services as we believe all traders are facing difficulties in building and applying their own trading plan at the beginning, including us. In the first few years when we just stepped into Forex market, we have been losing most of our capital to the market and we have found out that these are more to do with traders’ interpersonal development. Through out our coaching services, we will be guiding you the proper way of risk and money management as well as sharing with you our swing trading setups.

How do we coach?

Over the years, we have coached and developed numerous traders with our special method of coaching and each of our traders will be truly understand concept behind market behaviors upon completing the course. Our coaching services and courses are geared towards retail investors and traders, for beginners or the advanced. We will be coaching you through Telegram, offering a complete education and training experience focusing on technical analysis, risk management and highly developed skills of trade execution. Also, via our assigned tutorials in each chapter, you will definitely understand the true concept behind swing tradings.

Also, as a paid member, you will become part of our private community of active traders who really committed to succeed. In fact, our membership lasts for lifetime and there are unlimited retakes as long as you are associated with us.


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Join our trading community – For Free

Besides private community, we welcome you to also join our trader community for free. In the community, we will mainly focus on Dominant Setups discussions. Also, we encourage sharing of trade ideas and opinions within the community in order to develop true traders. You can join our community here.

What will you get from us ?

  • Lifetime access to trading courses
  • Lifetime coaching services through telegram
  • Access to trade case studies
  • Step by step guidance in understanding market and trade execution
  • Identifying real market direction by using swing points
  • Real way of managing risks and capital

We DO NOT provide

  • Get rich quick scheme
  • Trading signals
  • Monthly subscription or any other hidden costs
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